Finding my “Why” through writing

Aditi Chakraborty
2 min readOct 13, 2023


I have been writing on Medium and Linkedin for the last one month and while I am excited for what’s about to come and how my writing career will shape up, I am also tired and a little bored. It’s a case of wanting instant gratification but also something much more deeper and that is what I wanted to explore through this article.

The reason I decided to start writing was primarily to be able to put my thoughts into words. I felt a little lonely and sad and realized I have not been able to put my thoughts into words as best as I can or should. That is when I got this idea of starting to write and creating my blog. I was going to use Medium to pen down all thoughts I have and use Linkedin to slowly talk about topics around business and corporate that are close to me.

Along with wanting everything instantly I also got stuck in the loop of external validation. How many likes did my post get, how many people commented, why are people not clapping for my articles on medium. When do I make my first dollar, when will I start getting projects and clients. Should I already start looking for clients and the list goes on.

But I keep forgetting and this article will continue to remind me of my ‘Why’. Most people spend their lives thinking and being hurt about things that affected them. I am going to use that as my fuel — to write content that resonates with people.

You know what? I finished writing all of this in 20 minutes, because I AM passionate about this and this is my WHY. If I can make money through it, brilliant. If not, that’s still okay. I am going to continue to build on my passion and give it at least one year. Here are the things that are priority for me next 12 months

Time with family

Time with my pups

Getting fit

Writing that “sings”

Building a personal brand

That’s it, that’s my goal and I will try to get off anything that doesn’t help me achieve any of these goals!

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