If not you, then who?

Aditi Chakraborty
1 min readJan 3, 2021

I start my journey as an enabler to anybody who wants to start a business. Here are a few things I have learned on my way. This is what I am going to do in 2021 and every year henceforth.

Put in the hard work. It will be tiring. It will burn you out. But keep going

Ignore the people who are pulling you down. Ignore the people who do not care about your success.

Get started on your journey. Try. Make mistakes. Learn

Help others reach their goals in their journey. All of this without a single motive.

Find Problems. Seek solutions.

Free up your mind space to read and think and learn. Maintain a diary for every new thing that you learn, related to your idea, business.

Work hard, relax well. BE strong in saying no to all that sucks up your energy

And most importantly I have learned this from the company I work in.

DONE is better than PERFECT.



Aditi Chakraborty

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