You do not need to become a full-time freelancer always!

Aditi Chakraborty
3 min readFeb 5, 2022

I have been actively freelancing for the past year and kept trying out small projects for the last 5 years and believe me, 9–5 is not so bad, job is not the hated thing in the world and you do not to fight to get out of this horrible thing called a day job. Sure you do not have the complete freedom as you would, but there are ways you can work around it, and hence this article.

I always believe you have the time to do anything you put your mind to. I had been complaining for years that I am not able to freelance or do what I want. I should quit. But I did not have the courage to let go of the fat pay cheque so easily. So I decided to work around it.

Cut to June 2021, I started putting aside 2 hours after work every day and polished up my skills as a Website designer. I had done this for 2–3 years some time back but did not take it seriously earlier. After going through videos and practicing, there was an instant recall and I was able to create websites smoothly. As a pilot, I asked 2 women on Facebook groups to volunteer for getting their website designed. Both of them loved it and one went on to refer me to at least 4–5 more clients. I was able to make close to 1500$ last year through freelancing projects alone.

PS. I was charging a very basic amount of 90–100$ per project because most of my clients were Indians and the price sensitivity is higher.

So now coming to my point, I have never spent more than 2 hours working on the freelance projects or 4 hours per weekend. I was able to take 10–15 projects, execute them and get referrals as well. But What’s the best part about all of this is that this is all including my work in office. I have a permanent hybrid model (I need to go to the office max 1–2 days a week only) and the rest of the days is WFH.

It’s even more interesting that I have had about 5–6 trips during this time with one of them being 1 month in Kerala, India as well. Rest of them have been 3–4 day weekend trips where you work and have fun at the same time. I agree I have been fortunate to have a job that is well balanced, gives me time to explore the world and myself.

A lot of people have hectic work lives, stressful days and the best way is to keep building on your passion and work on it. This is not to necessarily to be able to quit immediately but save up more so you can achieve financial freedom early. If you do manage to make it big as an entrepreneur or a business person, there’s nothing like it. But believe me, until then there is always a way to make things work!

PS. Now I have a YouTube channel, I am starting to be active on medium, growing on Twitter and LinkedIn and many more exciting projects coming up as well!



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